New York Child Support Calculator

Based on the Child Support Standards Chart released March 10, 2016
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*Annual Income includes the annual income reported in the last tax return, and, if not already included, investment income, involuntarily deferred income, income received from workers' compensation, disability benefits, unemployment insurance, social secruity benefits, veterans' benefits, pension and retirement benefits, fellowships and stipends, and annuity payments. Additionally, the court may impute income at its discretion under certain circumstances. The following should be deducted from Annual Income: alimony paid to a non-party of the current action, alimony paid to a party of the current action, provided that the alimony is part of a specific adjustment, child support paid, public assistance received, NYC or Yonkers income taxes paid, FICA taxes paid, and any unreimbursed employee business expenses that do not reduce personal expenses.

**Courts are permitted, but not required, to follow the Child Support Percentages in the Child Support Standards Chart for Combined Income over $143,000.

***This is an approximation.